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skaiz. >> when he pushed me and i smacked him in the facee >> student puuched by an aide on a bus. confrontation that led to this assault. >> no more driving and talking behind the wheee. what it could cost you if you break the law. and if those hands free devices really work. >> storm in the caribbean gaining strength. tropical depression dealing with and when heavy showers move into maryland in the sky watch forecast. ♪ . >> and music of britney spears taking over glee. pop star herself will be oing in tonight's show. good evening. i'm general firm. and i'm jeff barn. baltimore city student was punched in the face by a school bus aide. tonight her úarents are puuhing for criminal charges. >> thh student is a fifth grader aa sharp hall elementary. she says she got into a verbal argument with an
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adult aide that quickly turned physical. and she ended up with a bruised eye. the story first on fox. today she says she was leaning out of the window when the aide told her tt sit down. she refused. 2 began arguing. and she claims he pushed her and slapped her. that's when a physical fight ensued. she says he finally punched her in the face leaving hee with a bruised and -úswollen eye and small cut. the school calls er mother who says she wants the aide to be fired and chhrged. >> i just feel like if you can not deal with children that have behavior problems, thinks a ask witt children with behavior problems. if you can't deal with it, then you do not need to be in that profession because no one has the right to put their hands on a child eepecially a grown man. >> if i go to school tommrrow in the morninn. >>reporter: school officials say the aide is not an employee of baltimore city schools but is ontrrcted with the private bus service. however he has been suspended
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úending the outcome of an investigation. veteran baltimore city police officer killed in a car crash. 61-year-old james of katesville died after crashing his truck in pennsylvania last unit. police commissioner fred talked about his úedication tt his job. >> the fact even if at the time of his death he was on his way to attend a training in upstate pennsylvania to make himself a stronger cop. >>reporter: it's the weather played a role in the crash. >> man ii dead after a ight in baltimore county. police were called to ssone gate court in cockiesville around 11:30 last night and found a man lying in the street. victim was hit in the head. so far no suspect tonight. >> baltimore police will still arrest people for videotaping officers on public streets. this desppte a recall by a
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harper county judge that police in ublic have no reasonable expectation of privacy. monday that judge threw out charges against mottrcyclisttwho videotaped his traffic stop by a state trooper. >> as it stands today if a baltimore city police officer wittesses someone videotaping sttte attorney office. reviiw the law and decide if enough evidence for arrest then if there is thennhe has a right to enforce the law. >> harper county state attorney says this rullng creates several problems now for police. johns hhpkins doctor shot by ne of theeparents son is úow reccvering at home. was talking to a man about his mother's condition. that man -úpaul part then shot his mother and himself. the cohen family says they apprrciate the
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community support for tteir family. >> on friday maryland will become the eighth state to require drivers to be hands free while talking on a cell phone. right now kathleen joins us on the phone using úne of those new handss ree devices. kathleen. >>reporter: that's right jennifer. right now i'm talking to you on the phone through the jupiter jack. plugs right into my cell phone and this little device here. numb goes through thh raaio system and sometimes the radio does leak through for now we'll turn it right down. they can cost from 10 to 100 dollars. the national safety the cell phone. heather was killed by a truck driver texting but the highway study
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hide the phone while driving. some say the real solution is a complete ban on cell phone usage while riving. >> if you aae driving taaking on a cell phone, the risk oo you being involved in a crash quadruple. that's whet you are hands free or holding the phone. >>reporter: so starting friday if you are caught with one of these up to your ear and holding it in your hand,!! hand, you are in a lot of ttouble and could end up costinggyouuabout 40 dollars in fines. live on 41st street fox 45 news at 5:30. okay kathleen. how are theeroads ooking tonight? lauren cook now has our traffic edge report. hello lauren. >> hello jeff. we have several accidents tonight in baltimore city. trouble on the west side where we deal with a crash on north fulton avenue and pennsylvania avenue street at bonnii part avenue and jfx nice and clear from -úeast fay street to 695. we do however have delay on the belt way. it will be a slow ride
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and lloking at 40 miles per hour along the inner loop her at route 40. as we make our way up to the townsend area the speeds reducee even more. live look at delaney valley road only looking at 17 miies per hour aloog the inner loop to expect quite a bit of úongestion on the outer loop as well. fortunately mmch different story as you make clear in this vicinity as well. speeds will pick up aa traveling the belt way and parkville area and looking at high 577miles per hour along the inner loop at harper road. county right at miidle rivere on middle river road at route 40 and we are ooking at high speeds on the northeast corridor of 95. 59 miles ppr hour raveling north in the white marsh area. that's the traffic edge. now back to you. >> thank you lauren. charles county worker rrscued aftee falling that a 30 foot well. huge rescue operation was set up outside of tte well in waldorf late this morning. well was at sewage pumping staichlingts worker alert during the rescue an is
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expected to be okay. >> is there intelligent life there? former air force personnee admmt they spotted uf o years ago. they say they spotted uf o hovering over nuclear missile silo and nuclear storage facclities. starting back in the 60's. >> white pulsating light in the ssy. >> ark metalllc in appearance. strange markings. >> object p.m. red glowing object hovering just above our froot gate. -ú>> now officers say the military forced them to sign paperssbarring thee from taaking. the un is taking these cases seriously. last week the un appointed ambassador for alien affair. now here's our question of the day. do you think the governmmnt covered up evidence of alien life? just go to our web site and tell us what you think. sound off through ace book. accepted us a tweet at fox baltimore. text your nswer to 45203. you can enter fox 45 a for yes and b for no and response may air tonight on
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fox 45 news at 10:00. tropical system brewing in the caribbean could makk its way here. >> vytas will be joining us next to tell us what we could expect later on as the week prrgresses. >> p ♪ him if the music of britney spears taking over glee. tonight jeans sz.
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>> invasion of bed bug has gotten so bad some tenant are actually suing their landlord. john joins us for the very latest and forcing a ffmily too% move out. john. >>reporter: howard county couple says they never had any problems with bed bug until short time after they were notified by their landlord that another unit in the building was in effected. the browns uued the live in howard crossing apartment in elegant city. they say they ere forced to move out after their unit became infected with bed bugs. bugs that also infected their 3-year-old daughter. half million dolllr uit claims the apartment manager did nothing to correct the problem. browns decline to be interviewed. theeaatorney says that's because they have been traumatized. he says the ordeel has clearly taken iis
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toll. >> when you have bed bugs in your bed, sucking the blood help sleeping and waking up -úwithhintense itching all over your body t is very úisturbing. you feel violate violated. >>reporrer: so far no comment on the suit from the apartment wwde spread in baltimore the cityyhealth department will hold the first series of pun meetings tomorrow to address the problem. this is news at 5::0. about thee conomy. cootroversy stems from a jobs report describing maryland and listening web site last month. e-mails ootained by the republican party show orders tooremanufacture the -úrepprt came straight rom the top. and econd round of e maiit males released today o'malley cabinet secretary
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appears to congratulate his staff on suppressing the pessimistic jobs report. >> like ssme people see glasses a half full. some people see them as half empty. and in the campaign year there will be people that lack at every piece of news to be twisted as some sort of doom or fore bodying depending on what side of the campaign they are on. >>rrporter: well the governor said he never saw the report in question. learn more about the race for governor on our web site go to slash vote 2010. >> tax time ii still more than 6 months away but the irs is taking a big change to how you can file. irs no longer mail tax forms because so many people file on line. move is expected to save the irs about 10 million dollars a yeaa. you can still mail in a paper return by printing out the forms from the irs web site. >> major storm off the coast is gaining a lottof strength again. here's vytas to find
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out how it could affect this us right here in maryland. >> kknd of watching this since last week. potential off6 3 33 development in the caribbeen because we are seeing some ccnditions setting up toothe atlantic over bermuda and back to the west of us over the plains and because of thatt it ús opening a channee for storms to travel along the mid atlantic. hh radar see not much going on relatively showers we saw this morning and pushed off to thh north. also to the east we look at few showwrs out there over the carolinas and ii looks like we continue to see that move along the frontal boundary that pushes through and drop ouu temperaaures. let's head to florida and what is happening there. this is northern fringe what is associated with portions of thattstoom. tropical depression no..16. we can see some of that moisture wrappiig in and running into the cold reformmas the center in the circulation of the storm which is south of cuba and move over parts of florida nd then start to form over parts of
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floridaaand then bbck over the atlantic then the track of the storm will be questionable based on strength of the storm as it continues to push north and how much trength it can gather as it mmves into the mid atlantic. show yyu the track of the storm a little more coming up a bit. but outside right around 81 degrees in baatimore. 81 in dc with the help of at bit of sunshine through the clouds. 77 innhagerstown. crossing the mountains out in wwstern down a little bit. the shift in the winds and seeing the south easterly winds start to change out of the norrhwest and many acroos the region many conditions 10 to 15 miles an hour and continue to old oo to the breeees through the overnight. 59 degrees. with if you scattered clouds across the area. cool conditions. winds out of the northwest at 5 to 10. ccoser look at tropical depression no. 16 to show you where it is goiig and how t could affect s in the next couple days dropping heavy amounts of rainfalllin my 7 day forecast. >> all right vytas thanks so much.
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>> be in charge of yourrown forecast. i radaa now available at ffx just use thee% interactive tool to trrck coming storms down to your street. fox and click on i radar. >> highly anticipated britney spears episode of glee is finally here. if ♪ the the the the if the glee club wiil úemorable songs and spears herself make special cameo appearance and dancing with the glee actress for training britney heather morris. watch the britney theme episode glee right here at fox 45 at 8:00. if moving one step closer to curing migraine headaches. the genetic tie to the painful headache. cominn up next as old gibbs canning company.
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today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.
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and you can't go back and un-do the times you tried quitting... ♪ ...then started again. but every smoker was a non-smoker once. and you could be again. for many, smoking is a treatable medical condition. so talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support. and make this time, your time. >> helping bblttmore city at a time. students at woody home elementary school got by the rotary clubbofdonated baltimore. ggoup gives out 3,000 dictionary to city elementtry schools. aulty piece of dna could
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very well be the cause of some migraine headaches. scientist say this major discovery could help them create a new class drug to help people cope. ú> tlm in the nevb cell that gate key whether or not pain issbeing transmitted there by causing a headache. so now that we know there is this key player that's the place to start looking for a drug that will be active against that gene. >>reporter: doctors say únvironment play as key role in when and where people get migraines but the new genetic link will help fine-tune all the treatment. >> pink pep rally today in baltimore couutyypumpee up to help support the fight against breast canner. fichlttc,,u. r. e. if what does that spell, cure. >>reporter:: county exxcutive jim smith an meebers of the could men foundation on hand to help maryland get geared up
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for the komein race for the cure. the race helps raise money for the fouudation which funds breast cancer project -úacross the state and throughout the country. >> since it began it's a 500 particcpantt5 k in 1992. it has grown into the largest fat race in the state with more than 30,000 articipants. >>reporter: the race for the cure akes place this sunday october 3rd in hunt valley. registee for the race or to donate to the susan g komein breast cancer research foundation go to our web site slash news link. if crocodile of courss are scary to most of us but not this man. how he saved this croccdile and the trick he taught him to do next. if lacks like we saw heavy if lacks like we saw heavy amounts of rrinfall bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side.
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i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
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i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. buried in his website - a promise to replace the tax code with a 23% sales tax and eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. a bush tax panel said families would pay $6,000 more a year. a reagan tax advisor calls it a very dumb idea. but that's not his only bad idea. harris was the only senator to vote against expanding the child care tax credit and against the state's cancer treatment program. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us.
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>> welcomeeback i'm bruce cunningham. ravens are resting today. their only day off for the week bbt that all changes tomorrow.. steelier week and you know what that means. things are going to get dead serious especially for the renewal of the rivalry o. last we can ith fourthand stringee charlie at the controls. steelers just pounded tampa bay team thought to be vastlyyimproved. surprise add lot of people. but john harbaugh was not among them. he reminds us he has been saying all along steelers were not to be overlooked. >> this is darn good football team. they have a great defeese. they have a great running game. the thief dangerous wide receivers. special team are much imppoved. so we are not surprised they are 3 and o but we don't care. we'll play the game. >> p.m. expect more of the
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last week against the bucks he threw 3 touch downs. 35-year-old back up has thrown 2 touch downs and 3 interceptiin and 3 games all time against the ravens. this introduce a new athletic director where he was a senior associate ad. he rrplaces herman who resigned this summer. >> hear from steelers coach on ravens steelers week. series win against the ray's and prep player of the week award coming up tonight. >> thanks so much. something wicked this way comes weather wise. >> yes. hope it is not tooo% bad. vytas is tracking it and joins us ith the very latest. >> we have the active tropic. nothing going on right now other than clouds. a little bit breezy winds out of the south south west at 9. temperatures at 9 degrees ii front that pushes through. watching tropical depression no. 16. keep an eye on this
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since last week as potential of storm forming that would hour and gusting to 46. justn bennath tropical storm strength but this will continue to gather a little bit of steam and track of the storm is what is concerninn because another ree of high pressure over the atlantic and parts of the lains and leaving open a channel for storms to track just up to the north and see by 2:00 o'clock on thursday projecteddpath on thursday projecteddpath make
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anyway, mr. gilliard,

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